14 February 2019

Wine Group One January Meeting


Our first meeting of the year for winos group one featured wines from Australia.
To start the evening members were offered a champagne glass of Fosters which definitely confused a few tasters! This was followed by Chardonnay, Riesling, Shiraz, Merlot and ending with a sparkling rosé.

The Australian theme prevailed with the hosts ‘Sheila & Shane’ dressed in shorts and bush hats serving BBQ food-   bangers, burgers, chicken legs and pavlova. It proved to be another good evening that kept the winter blues away.

Wine Group One February Meeting


Our nostalgic theme was set by a darkened room, playing 60's music with lava lamps and a glitter ball throwing out beams and spots of colour. The wine choice was “of its time” (to quote Stephen Harding). The night began with a glass of Asti Spumante followed by Snowball cocktails, Babycham, Blue Nun, Lambrusco, Mateus Rosé and finally a decent Chianti. The wines left a lot to be desired (however did we drink that plonk back then?).

The drinking was interspersed by the Humbug game, where each person had to hum to a 60's tune for the others to guess, it was hilarious! The food choice was again “of its time” with cheese & pineapple sticks, pork pies, sausage & gherkin sticks, prawn vol au vents, scotch eggs and bags of crisps, followed by Black Forest gateaux. 

Our palates were severely tested by the quality of the wines and had to be supplemented by opening some decent bottles at the end! The nostalgia was further enhanced by the 60’s music bringing back memories of lost times, with consequential stories and laughter.

à votre santé 

7 February 2019

Third Age Birders- Minsmere meanderings


Special birds seen - marsh harrier, avocet, female smew (redhead), black tailed godwit, whooper swan, barnacle geese, redshank, bewick swan, red deer, muntjac, konik ponies plus all the usual wading suspects. 

Still on the hunt for bittern and dartford warbler - they're here somewhere.!

See you soon,
Briar, Rog, Diana, Barbara. 

5 February 2019

Science for all

The Plight of the Bumblebee

The next meeting of Science for All is 
Thursday 7th February 2:30 at Weald Memorial Hall. 

This group is run by Sevenoaks U3A. 
Edenbridge Members are welcome to attend.

Dr. Nikki Gammans from the Bumblebee Conservation Trust will describe the three types of bee present in the UK, talk about their decline and conservation and how we can help to create habitat in our gardens. She will then give an outline of the short haired bumble bee project of which she is project manager. 
Best Wishes 

21 January 2019

Gardening Group 2

Gardening Group 2
We start the year with a lunch at Pam's then will start visiting each other's gardens for ideas, tips and swops, and include a few visits. We meet monthly on a Thursday from 2.00pm - 4.00pm with tea. Christine

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Ambles with Observations

Ambles with Observations

These only cover a mile or so, and often include a museum or particularly interesting buildings in villages and small towns.

Lunch or tea is optional and we need more volunteers please who have a suggestion, on a day to suit you. I am looking for ideas for February so do get in touch, and contact me if you would like to know more or be included on the circulation list. 

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