26 October 2014

Gardening Group Feature

Gardening Group October Meeting

We met this month on the 14th October, not the first Tuesday as we normally do, due to most of us being on holiday.There was general discussion on what had been our successes and our failures over the summer months in our gardens and vegetable plots.

The vegetables caused more discussion as some of us had been lucky enough to have some tomato plants and pepper plants from Gill Scholey.

Sally Carroll had had a very good year and grown some enormous onions. She is kindly hosting our next meeting on 4th November.

We also discussed our garden visits that we did during the summer including some gardens we had not visited before. I think we were all in agreement that Buckhurst Gardens in Mark Beech and the lavender Fields in Shoreham took some beating.

But now on to next years gardening we are busy planting our bulbs for next year and will be planning what we will bring up from seed. October is a very busy month in all gardens as the preparation now will be our basis  for the coming of Spring 2015.