7 July 2015

Ashdown Forest Birders Feature

Third Age Birders
Ashdown Forest 30th June 2015

Hello again Birdy People,

Just a short report on our trip to the Forest last night.  Eleven of us "poohdled" up to the Ashdown Forest after the hottest day of the summer for a cool and relaxing walk under clear skies.

We had excellent close ups of Stonechat, Linnet and Chiffchaff and a beautiful walk across
the heathland with views back towards Edenbridge and the North Downs.  We were hoping to spot a nightjar - a rare summer visitor - who is active at dusk.  This bird eluded us until, as the light was fading and we were heading back to our cars, we heard a low, repetitive purring noise down in the valley - a definite "tick", although as we didn't actually see it this can only count as an "audible".  Suddenly, we heard a second one coming from a different direction - much excitement - until we discovered Brian waving his smartphone and playing the call on his bird app!.  If nothing else, this confirmed we had got it right!

The bird count was low on this trip but all were well worth seeing. Also, it was very good for us to wander around the countryside chatting rather than being slumped at home dumb with heat exhaustion.

chiff chaff
wood pigeon
mistle thrush
nightjar (audible)

Next trip - Tuesday 11th August , Arundel Wetlands and Wildfowl Trust.

Briar and Rog