7 July 2015

Third Age Rockers First Gigs

Third Age Rockers

Hail all Third Age Rockers,
Guys we've now had the first two gigs

Sevenoaks Anchor: A very good set by Roland Chadwick playing a resonating guitar accompanied by a Status Quo lookalike Francis Rossi [photo attached] playing harmonica. They played some very good blues songs [Walking blues, Mannish Boy, Cocaine et al] plus their own versions of a number of old Bob Dylan favourites, with some accompanying explanations of the lyrics  [ie. All Along The Watchtower]. We had 10 U3A group members in attendance.

Limpsfield Blues Club: An excellent evenings entertainment, with a number of newcomers to the normal attendant musicians, including our very own Blues Brother [Julian] who played a 2 song set with the house band. The quality of the sets was at it's usual very high level, especially the sole girl singer and her group playing some Duffy songs and some old soul numbers. There was the usual alcohol fuelled merriment plus some Grandad dancing from Brian accompanied by some of the ladies. The evening was rounded off with a very good rendition of the Warren Zevon song 'Werewolves of London' with a boisterous crowd accompaniment of "AhaaHoooo - Werewolves of London" at the appropriate spots, A good time was had by all. We had 12 U3A group members in attendance.

Watch this space for the next scheduled pub gig, remember the Blues Club is a regular first Thursday monthly event.
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The U3A Blues Brothers