15 June 2018

Sake and Sushi

Wine Group One Goes Japanese

Our latest wine appreciation meeting had an Oriental flavour. Hosted by Gloria Keens and Peter Egan, our members were introduced to the pleasures (or not, depending on their tastes!) of Japanese sake. Many had not tasted Sake before and this proved to be quite a learning experience. To be fair, some liked it, some were ambivalent and some were none too keen. However, the purpose of our wine group is "to learn and to experience" which doesn't always equate with "to like".

The Sake was accompanied with, predictably, sushi and other Japanese delights. All went down a treat.

There was however some consolation in the form of a delicious Japanese plum wine, served after the Sake. Served with chocolate mousse, this delicious dessert wine was a dramatic change from the dry, almost bitter, flavour of the sake.

We were lucky with the weather as the meeting was held outdoors under a gazebo, 
decorated by Gloria with Japanese lanterns. And it was soon back to normal with much laughter and jollity helped, it must be said, by a few bottles of a perfectly drinkable Bordeaux.

For the purists, the Sake selected was as follows:
Sawanotsuru Sake
Kubota Senju Sake
And the plum wine was Tamara plum wine.

As usual, we of Wine Group One threw ourselves into the spirit of the occasion and our hostess, Gloria, left us in no doubt of the origin of the wines. As you will see from the photo!