28 August 2018

August Short Walk

in the rain...again!

After the hot dry days of the Summer we were unlucky to have chosen the start of the end of Summer.

Our walk, led by Judy, started at Hosey Common and we walked through the lovely woodland to Westerham. It drizzled and we were hopeful that the forecasters were wrong and that the rain wouldn't get any heavier. That was unfounded and we all donned our waterproofs as it poured. Fortunately our coffee stop was ahead and by the time we came out the worst of the weather was over.

We returned to Hosey Common after a short climb out of Westerham when we stopped to catch our breaths to admire the view and have our group photo. As you can see our only canine member, Mabel, declined to be part of the group photo instead starring on her own.

Those who wanted to lunch stopped at the Royal Oak at Crockham Hill.

Many Thanks to Judy and Cathy, the photographer.