25 November 2018

Wine Appreciation Group 1


That was the title of the November meeting of Wine Appreciation Group 1, held at Peter and Helena’s home. Following a memorable trip to Devon Vineyards in September it was decided to put the group’s experience to the test. Whilst in Devon we witnessed the harvest in progress, even picking grapes ourselves, and learned that 2018 was proving to be their best year ever.

At this month’s tasting, members were asked to sample similar wines from Devon and Spain, with accompanying food from both regions. The group found it quite difficult to decide on the country of origin which must be a testament to the increasing quality of home grown wines. We all agreed however, that the English still have some way to go 
to develop the heavier red vintages.

The winner of the exercise was Brian Swift, who left clutching a bag of gold, albeit chocolate, which just goes to show that it is a wise man who knows his wine! Meanwhile the rest of us need to keep practising.

The evening closed with heartfelt thanks to our retiring leader, Peter Egan. We are now looking forward to the joint Christmas meeting of Wine Groups 1, 2 and 3 on the 11th December.