4 January 2019

Short Walk around Emmetts

Short Walk around Emmetts
December 2018 

A group of 10 of us enjoyed a short walk around Emmetts on December 27th. We had a very good, cold but bright day to blow away the Christmas 'cobwebs' and use up a few of those excess calories. The walk was chosen to be as mud-free as is possible for a winter walk in the area.

We started at the Emmetts Car park and initially walked away from the gardens. After a spell on the road back towards Ide Hill we took the Public Footpath along the drive past the Cricket Club. This took us into the gardens and we took the path through the South Garden to join the other path going down into the Bluebell Walk (wonderful in June).

From here we linked up with the Ram Pond Walk, going quite steeply downhill out of National Trust land passing the pond with the Ram Pump. This was used, before mains water, to pump water from the pond uphill, providing water for the gardens.

Of course as we had come downhill we had to go back up again! This was a steady uphill, not too steep but quite long. We re-entered Emmetts Garden past the Children's play area and the tea shop. Some of the group stopped for coffee but those wanting lunch went on to The Cock Inn at Ide Hill.