29 April 2019

Short Walks

April Short Walk in Staffhurst Woods

We had a very pleasant walk on April 24th through Staffhurst Woods. The walk was led by Diana assisted by Cathy. Diana knows the woods extremely well and was expert at leading us along the maze of footpaths without getting lost! Cathy was the admin adviser, listing those who put their names on the list, ticking them off on arrival and, very importantly, making the arrangements for lunch.

We had decided that we should have to limit the numbers on the walk to 15. This was done on a 'first come first served basis' and was done so because of limited parking, taking into account that there was going to be another group meeting at the same limited size car park. In the event there was also a Ramblers group also meeting there.

The walk was just over three miles. April was chosen for this walk through Staffhurst Woods as it is a prime area for bluebells.. We all thoroughly enjoyed the experience, with the bluebells contrasting so well with the pale green of the new beech leaves, so attractive early in the season.

Those of us who stayed enjoyed a good lunch at the The Grumpy Mole.

Many thanks to Diana and Cathy for a very enjoyable morning.