Family History

Family History

About the Group:
An opportunity to share advice about researching into your family history and discuss the resources used and results. We assist each other and demonstrate how to use Family History Internet Sites. 
When and where do we meet?
Monthly in each others' homes. Third Tuesday each month 2pm - 4pm
How much does it cost?
Group Contact:
Fiona Lewis
Contact Details:

We do our best to try to keep this information up to date. However, to find the latest contact details, look on the HOME PAGE and go to the STUDY GROUP CONTACT LIST and you will find more information about the groups there.

Coffee Donations to Charity
I would to thank all present and past members of Family History for their donations of 30 pence for tea at meetings.
After 4 years these donations have accumulated to a grand total of £ 70 which is fantastic.
This will go to the charity the Alzheimer's Society, which I hope everyone will agree a good use for research.
The Family History Group can take on one new member, or just come and join us for a meeting.
The first meeting this year is Tuesday 16th January at 2 to 4pm.
Thank you Everyone

All About Family History

This Family History Group has had 12 active members with attendance of 6-8 members each month.Most of us now have a basic or more comprehensive Family Trees.This makes our meetings more about finding some Social History in order to put some flesh on to our Ancestors.This involves their occupations, where they came from and settled, what was happening at the time.

Each Month a Member has given a talk concerning some event or gave an account where their Ancestors came from and how they found that information. Was it from a Website, Library or Relatives? We have had other talks on how to find a Will and Probate, old maps, Census, 1939 Register, and Free Websites.

In July a small group of us made a visit to the Society of Genealogists in London for a Free Tour of the Library. We were shown what collections they had on each floor,explained sources which we may not have seen beforehand demonstrated how to find material on the catalogue in the Library which we all found helpful. 

War Medals
At one of our Family History Group meetings, Jeanette talked about her uncle’s experiences in two world wars. She was able to bring along his medals and explained their history to the group as pictured below.

"Bringing Family History to Life"

You will find below a link to the PowerPoint Presentation given by Stephen at this meeting.

Click HERE to VIEW

At one of our meetings there was a discussion about Birth Marriage and Death Certificates and whether the whole certificate can be seen online. The answer is generally no, you have to pay for them, from the GRO Certificate Ordering- Registration Services  

General Register Office (GRO) - Official information on births, marriages and deaths /   You must have the year, the place of registration, the page number and the volume.

All certs B M D began in 1837. Before that, births were registered at the Parish Church if a child was Baptised and only about 1 third of births were registered up to 1875.

Edenbridge U3A Family History Group
17th June 2014

Here are some links which may be helpful:-

1.      Society of Genealogists Start Family History with the Society of Genealogists. Membership £57 pa
2.      Kent Family History Society  Almost every county has one.
3.      Who do you think you are magazine free downloads.  e.g. How to start, essential websites, tips etc
First World War
4.      Lives of the First World War Imperial War Museum. Build up a picture of the 8 million who served their country.
5.      Britain Remembers WDYTYA Project Projects on First World War
6.      My History  Resources for Family History
7.      Advice from a real researcher – Family Tree Resources
Local History
9.      Kent History Centre Maidstone, Kent. Try Google to find a county centre for relatives you are interested in.
I use this county as an example of what can be found online.
Researching Events and Places
11.   Use Google to look up significant events. E.g. Creswell Colliery Pit Disaster Find your relatives.
12.   Find out more about how your ancestors lived and what they did Bring your family history to life
14.   University College London Research on names in Great Britain Find out about how your family names are geographically spread in GB over time.
15.   Britain from Above Aerial Photographs of GB from 1919 to 1953. You can help them to identify buildings in areas you know.